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Business Strategy Development Alignment and Implementation

At SIRES Consulting Group, Inc. we know that while a good strategy is vital, implementation is what counts. Through a fine balance of research and client collaboration we assist clients to make good strategic choices.

Our strategy development process allows clients to understand their business environment, confirm their business purpose, review current operations and to create an implementable and aligned plan for the future. Every strategy development or planning process is both engaging and efficient and always ends with a plan and an offer of support to drive the implementation of the newly created strategic plan.

The outcome is an updated strategy with broad buy-in for immediate adoption.

Process Design, Development, and Implementation

Utilizing its knowledge of a broad range of operational environments, system applications and process optimization, SIRES Consulting Group is able to assist clients to establish new operational capabilities through the design and development of new processes, procedures, structures and operating models, as part of its Business Development Services which focus on business process definition and business process design. Not only is SIRES able to ensure processes efficiency from the outset, we are also able to assist with determining the roles and resource requirements (human resource planning) for the processes/operations, based on the anticipated process activities and work volumes.

The outcome is implemented and functioning processes and structures for new operations.

Key skills required to deliver this service include business architecture, operating model design and business process engineering.

Process Documentation and Standardization

Whilst many organizations have invested effort and cost over time in documenting processes and SOP’s, the information (particularly the process information) is often non-value adding for the reasons that it is often:

  • out of date – often done for a past project
  • incomplete – only certain areas documented
  • not shared – only accessible to the authors who created the documentation
  • not standardized – documented using different tools and standards, only understood by the authors who created the documentation

SIRES Consulting Group specialises in assisting organisations to document their full business process scope, from management processes for controlling the business, to the core operational processes for executing the core activities of the company, and then to the support processes that keep the operations functioning smoothly.

The approach followed by SIRES Consulting Group is focused on building a central process repository that addresses the above issues and serves the needs of multiple stakeholders in the company, such as:

  • Risk
  • Compliance
  • HR – Job Design and Evaluation
  • Training
  • Systems
  • Process and Operational Improvement

To ensure the success of these projects, SIRES Consulting Group provides the following core assistance:

  • Developing the documentation standards to be followed, to ensure that all processes have the same look and feel, are decomposed using the same levels and level of detail, and that the processes are easily understood and locatable
  • Guidance in terms of ensuring that the process repository serves the needs of the broad range of stakeholders and so gains broad support via providing the planned benefits
  • Guidance in terms of the measures, structures and support processes required to ensure that the process repository becomes and ongoing value adding facility
  • Providing a team of experienced resources to assist with implementing a first phase of the repository so that the value of the facility can be demonstrated early on to gain broad buy-in for full implementation
  • Training of client resources who will maintain the repository on an ongoing basis

he outcome is an established BPM (business process management) capability comprising a repository of all process flow diagram / process flow chart and operational information that ensures standardization of processes, and enables improvements in the areas of risk and compliance monitoring, training, job evaluation and operational effectiveness.

SIRES Consulting Group is agnostic wart BPM tools (business process management tools) and business process management software, working with leading business process documentation tools, business process mapping tools, business process modelling tools such as ARIS, Nimbus, Visio and several others. SIRES Consulting Group typically suggests its own tried and tested standard, but is also able to follow other standards such as IDEF and BPMN.

Key skills required to deliver this service include identifying every process flow diagram required, and the related process mapping / process documentation.

Process Improvement and Optimization

Based on numerous projects where SIRES Consulting Group has assisted clients with their Improvement and Optimization initiatives, SIRES Consulting Group has developed its own approach, the TPI framework, which comprises 4 key elements for achieving optimized operations and ongoing continuous improvement:

  • Business Process Improvement and Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Workforce Management
  • Workforce Alignment
  • Performance Management

Process Improvement / Process Reengineering

This element is focused on the improvement and optimization of business process efficiency through the elimination of waste and inefficiencies, and is delivered via SIRES Consulting Group ’s BPR approach that is based strongly on LEAN Six Sigma and business process analysis.

Workforce Management

This element focuses on improving the performance of a process by raising workforce productivity through focused management and scheduling. The key elements of this are:

  • Determining the relationship between workloads and staffing requirements
  • Capacity planning – determining optimal operational staffing levels and organizational structures
  • Forecasting workloads and scheduling staff accordingly
  • Monitoring and management of workforce production to the set performance targets
  • Manager, Supervisor, Team Leader coaching in monitoring and managing their areas to ensure the optimum balance between costs, quality, and service levels.

Organizational Alignment

Critical to process performance is having the right skills for executing the required work. This element of TPI focuses on aligning workforce skills and experience with the process requirements. It involves comprehensive job analysis and design, supported by an independent assessment methodology that assesses staff competency, ability and personality.

Performance Management

This element focuses on implementing a process focused dashboard that enables management to monitor how an operation is performing in terms of the cost, quality, and customer service targets of the processes. Processes that are underperforming are then addressed using the other three TPI elements, to bring them back online with the set targets. Implementation of this element focuses on establishing the dashboards and embedding the processes for the continuous monitoring of process performance and taking corrective action to address any non-conformances.

The outcome of SIRES Consulting Group ’s Operations Improvement and Optimization assistance is reduced costs, errors and processing times, and hence improved profitability, service, quality and human resource planning.

Note: Although TPI can be undertaken as a once off initiative, it is ideally implemented as a Continuous Improvement / Continuous Process Improvement framework.

Project Resourcing

SIRES Consulting Group also provides its clients with experienced project resources to complement their own capacity in times of need. While these secondments are on a temporary basis, we consider such placements as an extension of our reputation. The resources that SIRES Consulting Group typically provides cover the areas of Business Development, Project Management and Systems Development, and include the following roles:

  • Process Analyst
  • Process Engineer
  • Business Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • System Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project Administrator
  • Software Developer