SIRES Consulting Group  Inc.


SIRES Consulting Group , Inc. previously was Somali Institute for Research in Economics and Strategy (SIRES), is a privetly held Development and research institution founded in Mogadishu, Somalia in Sep 2015, with the aim of serving as a resource center for Somalia people’s issues related toTraining, Research and capacity development projects to stregethen institutions and contribute to knowledge building and development in Somalia. SIRES Consulting Group  Inc. carries out scientific research to provide factual, inclusive as well as practical  information  on  issues  related  to  Development,  Education,  Health,  technology  and Humanitarian   activities.   Moreover,   SIRES   will   also   work   on   development   initiatives   and empowerment  of  Women,  Men,  and  young  generation  throughout  Somalia.  We  believe  that Development and Research engagement, and understanding of the issues pertain to development and peace building journey.

However, due to the long period of civil war and statelessness, we are struggling with the country’s general poverty, terrorism, corruption, drug addiction, violence, and unemployment. For that reason, SIRES will research and analyze these critical issues to produce meaningful information and policy recommendations. In addition, SIRES will design development initiatives to provide to equip our people with necessary skills, knowledge, and competitive attitude to face the challenges they are facing. Furthermore, SIRES Consulting Group  Inc. will promote participation of private and public sectors for the country’s public participation in the policy and opinion making and implementation of development agendas to ensure accountability and transparency.

SIRES Consulting Group’s core value proposition is to assist its clients with identifying, planning and implementing operational performance improvement initiatives, in order to achieve operational performance excellence. Major benefits include:

SIRES Consulting Group  Inc. research will be widely and publicly circulated for the benefit of the general public, policy makers and international organizations.

SIRES Consulting Group  Inc. aims to Build the leaders for today and tomorrow, and be partner of choice for greater impact. To promote scientific and critical research on issues affecting Somali People

We enhance research, in the development areas such as: Education, Environment and Health, Food security and Nutrition and Inclusive Economics and Technology throughout the country to find practical, long-term solutions.


The  SIRES Consulting Group  Inc,  To be a valued Performance Improvement consultancy in Somalia, across multiple industries. Envisions  being  a renowned and leading in knowledge and resource center for Somali people’s issues and east Africa at large, providing Quality research programs, fund management and capacity building services for both public and private institutions, business coaching and access to critical information in contributing to development.


SIRES Consulting Group , Inc’s mission is to invest in knowledge and innovation for large-scale positive change to produce actionable recommendations for both policymakers in public and private sectors and international development organizations.


  • We value integrity(Doing the right thing, Doing what we say), hardworking and professionalism
  • We value research, learning, and Delivery focus to address community and country related challenges.
  • We value diversity, democracy, social justice, and human rights.
  • We value and believe our role in nation building.
  • We value to be Open, Delighting our customers, proactive communication and transparency and accountable


The SIRES Consulting Group  Inc.  has   a multidisciplinary team of Experts, Trainers, researchers and professionals dedicated to carrying out all areas in capacity development, scientific and analytical research and producing quality recommendations for organizational development and  policy makers, In addition to that SIRES  Consultancy Inc. has technical capacity in program and Project formulation management and implementation for all development initiatives.


  • Conduct scientific Economic and management related services and as well research on development related issues and put forward recommendations for public policy makers and organizations that work on these matters.
  • Contributing of experts and  skilled people in the development of programs related in Agriculture and food security, Environment and Health, Inclusive Economics such as: Employment and growth, Governance and Justice and think tank initiatives. And in the areas of technology we are doing development of Networked Economies.
  • Design and implement development programs and enhance the awareness, skills and knowledge of Somali people and east Africa at large.


  • Conducting sole and joint research programs on Somali peoples issues, such as unemployment, capacity building for youth and adults, disseminating and sharing of information and knowledge.
  • Research & Consultancies on both Private and Public Institutions.
  • Organizing forums for discussion on Institutional development related issues.
  •   Managing funds for development projects, and Initiating, implementing on development projects.
  •   Supporting building the capacity of Somali researchers to conduct, publish, and disseminate.


Previously, Somali Institute for Research in Economics and Strategy, shortened as SIRES, now (SIRES Consulting Group) is a research and development institution recently established and founded on 1st Sept 2015 in Mogadishu, Somalia by Somali intellectuals who have the capacity and expertise to conduct scientifically sound Development

related researches and capacity building programs. SIRES Consulting Group  Inc. is composed of two organs, the Board of Directors (BOD) and executive organ. The BOD is the highest governing body of the association. The BOD design and develops the policies and procedures of the organization, and participates in setting the long and short term strategies together with organizational staff. The BOD meets formally every three months and sometimes holds informal meetings if a need arise. The BOD is composed of 5 persons and it elects its chair and its members in every two years. Decisions are reached though vote’s majority, according to the institutions constitution.

The executive organ is responsible for the management of the day to day organizational activities of the organization. The Executive organ is composed of the head of the departments of program, Finance and administration and is led by the executive director. The decision is reached within the executive level is based on the policies and procedures of the organization.

The role of Executive Director includes:

  • Overall responsibilities of the organizational activities.
  •  Coordinating between the activities of the organization and BOD.
  •  The executive director reports to the Board of directors and regularly briefs the works of the organization matters to the BOD.


The SIRES Consulting Group  Inc. financial management structure is an interdepartmental collaboration headed by the Finance Director of the organization, the accountant and cashier. The finance office reports to the Executive director. Financial decisions are undertaken in bottom –up style, but are collective.

The accountant prepares check documents/vouchers to verify with the head office, whether they are in line with the approved budget. Once the order/voucher is authorized, payment is released via checks and then documented and recorded according to financial policies. The finance department also has a clear role in the approval of all procurement services and contracts. Regarding the procurement, SIRES Consulting Group  Inc. strives as much as possible to prepare three bids, then selects from the cheapest bid to get services needed, payments are done through our bank accounts’ checks.

SIRES Consulting Group  Inc. financial reports are prepared monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Monthly reports are internal report showing the financial situation of the organization, especially cash and liquidity while Quarterly reports are for managerial level and organizational partners. Yearly reports are prepared for the BOD and donors and consist of balance (net worth report) income statement, budget and actual variance with checks through financial records and specified documentation.